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Spy and his Hat To Kill For and Chicago Overcoat
Filler Spy Drawing

So I drew this Spy months ago, and I was told how his shoulders seemed weird and how he looked disproportionate, which I wholeheartedly agree. Hopefully, I'll be able to improve on that.

Spy, Team Fortress 2 (c) Valve, TF Team
Heavy Head Drawing
I actually finished drawing this a few days back. I initially started this months before, but kinda got lazy on it. But now I'm getting around to drawing the TF2 classes' heads again for practice.

Heavy belongs to Valve and the TF Team
Art (c) me
Pyro And Demo Head Drawing
I drew this months back and putting it on dA now. It was to practice drawing the TF2 classes' faces. Also, the "I AM BLACK" part is a tribute to this video:…

Pyro and Demoman belongs to Valve and the TF Team
Art (c) me

Got it while uncasing cases I bought off the market yesterday. Totally worth all the money I foolishly spent

Anyone else wanna share their story of getting an unusual weapon?
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Psyche Clops


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